"A safe space to help you create a life worth living where you feel like you're not just surviving." - Andrea Sartor

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Are you feeling depressed and anxious and don't know where to turn? Are you experiencing relationship difficulties? Are you struggling to get enough sleep at night? Or do you just want to improve your quality of life and overall mental-health well-being? I'm here to help! With over 15 years of experience in treating clients of all ages with various needs and different backgrounds, I can help you treat mood disorders, anxiety disorders, phobias, personality disorders, eating disorders, neurological disorders, learning disabilities, trauma-related issues, and other complex mental health disorders.
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About Me

My name is Andrea Sartor and I am an experienced HCPC registered Counselling Psychologist and a licensed Marriage and Family therapist currently working in central London. I have been practicing in London for 3 years and spent the last two years working at the Priory Hospital in North London.
I have over 16 years of study, evidence-based research, and clinical practice consulting clients of all ages with various needs and different backgrounds.
My practice was born from the desire to help people feel empowered, fulfilled, and joyful in their lives.
I strive to help my clients find happiness through humour and positive thinking and I always meet them where they are at and what they are working on.

I am registered with numerous professional bodies, including the Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC, PYL 35436) and the Board of Behavioural Science of California (LMFT 103929). I went to school in Salt Lake City, Utah and attended a private liberal arts college to earn my BSc degree in Psychology and then went to a private college to obtain my MSc degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. After college, I moved to San Francisco, California and trained to become a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.


Recently, I was featured in Cosmopolitan UK to discuss the harmful effects of excessive alcohol use and how it can fabricate sexual dysfunction. It was such a lovely experience to contribute to this fantastic article and I am so excited to have my name and company featured in Cosmopolitan. I remember reading these kinds of articles when I was a teen and I always learned so much about wellness and psychology and now I am an expert giving content to these articles. In this particular editorial, I discuss the harmful risks that excessive alcohol use can have on your body's natural ability to enjoy sex and in extreme cases can cause sexual dysfunction. It also discusses the impact of alcohol intoxication and how it can effect the ability for someone to give a proper consent when engaging in "Drunk Intoxicated Sex." I hope you enjoy this read and you are able to learn something new because knowledge is power.

Treatment Modalities

I use an eclectic approach to psychotherapy but generally tailor my practice with these particular approaches: CBT, DBT, Gestalt, solution-focused, person-centered, psycho-analytic, narrative , emotionally-focused, acceptance and commitment therapy. I often incorporate creative therapeutic interventions in my practice with the use of mindfulness, art, and music. We can discuss more about what therapeutic model is right for you in our 15-min free consultation.
I treat clients who suffer from a variety of mental health issues including: (anxiety disorders, phobias, OCD, depression, mood disorders, eating disorders, sleep disorders, personality disorders, learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, and overcoming trauma, and I help couples and families on relational issues).
With the use of these evidence based therapeutic interventions most clients show improvement within 6 to 12 sessions. If the presenting problem is more severe, treatment could last up to 6 months on a weekly basis.


I offer a 15-minute free initial consultation and to enquire about my private session rates please use the form below. I have an office in central London but due to the social distancing regulations in response to the COVID-19, all sessions are virtual until further notice using Zoom as an online confidential platform.
I do accept insurance and I am a registered healthcare provider for (Bupa, Aetna, AXA, Aviva, Vitality, and Cigna). Please consult each provider for their rates.

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